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Vertical multiple-spindle drilling machine


MODEL ZB5213×12(ZB5223×6)
Max No. of spindle 12(6)
Drilling capacity    φ3-φ13(φ14-φ23)
Minimum center distance 30 (42)
Drilling area 180*300(170*290)
Work table size 350*500
Min distance from spindle head to work table 250(210)
Max spindle travel 240 
Spindle rotary speed 557/842/1367(224/228/549)
Main motor 3(4)
Size 901*684*1780 


 1) Pioneered Down-Feed Design

2) Quenched rectangular guide rail

3) Adjustables spindle holders 

Types of Multi-spindle Drilling Machine Manufactured:

•Vertical Multi-spindle Drilling Machine 

•Horizontal Multi-spindle Drilling Machine 

•Multi Spindle Drilling and Tapping Machine 

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